Rosehill Dance Academy



Graceful, expressive, disciplined.

The National Association of Teachers syllabus is followed for all our classical ballet classes, and we encourage our students to enter for examinations. Our classes start from 2 years to adult dancers.

We teach early movers to our our preschoolers which is our ‘Rosebuds’ classes. These classes gives our younger dancers the basics in coordination, creativity, social interaction, discipline and focus. It sparks their initial love of dance and carries through up to our advanced grades.


Rhythmic, percussive, energetic.

Tap dance is an energetic and rhythmic form of dance, characterised by the percussive sounds created through the striking of metal plates on the dancer’s shoes against a hard surface. This lively and expressive dance style blends intricate footwork creating a display of syncopated beats.

Tap is a fun workout that uses coordination that uses your brain and using different timings to create rhythms.

We follow the National Association of Teachers syllabus (NATD) which also incorporates elements of improvisation within their exams.


Dynamic, versatile and expressive

Jazz dance is a dynamic and expressive form of movement that originated from African and Caribbean rhythms, blending diverse influences to create a vibrant and versatile style.

We teach our younger dancers with basic motor skills which includes skipping and galloping to more advance movements with our older dancers such as, smooth isolations to sharp, stylized gestures. Dancers often engage in improvisation, adding a spontaneous and personal flair to their performances.

We teach the National Association of Teachers syllabi (NATD) where they can work on achieving medals in a fun and engaging way.


Emotive, fluid and abstract

Contemporary dance is a dance style that embraces fluidity and versatility, allowing dancers to explore a wide spectrum of expressive movements. Characterized by its abstract nature, contemporary dance often intertwines emotion with physicality, creating a narrative.

We offer National Association of Teachers syllabi (NATD), offering exams where students achieve medals for showcasing their hard work.


All classes take place at:

St Bedes Church, Bryndale Avenue, Kings Heath, B146NQ